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Mission Statement:

Themis Law Group, LLP is a relationship-focused firm that strives to provide compassionate and affordable legal services that effectuate holistic resolutions to our clients’ problems. Our emphasis is on building the personal relationships with our clients that allow us to be passionate advocates and develop a comprehensive approach to both preventing and remedying the challenges individuals and businesses experience.


We chose Themis, the Ancient Greek Titaness of “Divine Justice,” for our firm name as a symbol of our commitment to justice and honor. In Greek mythology, Themis is known as the goddess of the primal, unwritten laws governing human conduct and she is the personification of divine order, natural law, and custom. She has a talent for prophecy and she often carries a sword as a symbol of her ability to cut fact from fiction. In many ways, Themis is a representation of our dedication to the highest and most honorable of all Greek virtues – Philotimo.

The Ancient Greeks are well known as staunch warriors, for their technological and industrial achievements, the creation of democracy, and the advancement of modern medicine. They are also known for creating important legal concepts such as trial by jury, free speech, individual rights, constitutional government and the separation of religion and government. Pioneers, in so many ways, for the “greater good,” the Ancient Greeks have continually shown the courage to come down on the “right side of history.” The secret to this success, it seems, may best be explained by the uniquely Greek and perfect word – PHILOTIMO. The term comes from the root words “filos,” which means love, and “timi,” meaning honor, and is roughly translated to “Love of Honor.”

The concept of Philotimo cannot be described by a few words. Rather, it is a complex array of qualities that come together to form the highest of all Greek virtues. Philotimo has to do with the way a person behaves within his or her family and within social groups or society as a whole, with the realization that accountability extends to one’s family, community and, in fact, to a force so much greater than oneself. It encompasses a sense of duty, honor, excellence, courage and personal pride and sacrifice. Philotimo is the honor within oneself that drives compassion, generosity, empathy, humility, and the ability to think about, and act for, those less fortunate. Incorporating these qualities into a legal practice ensures that clients are treated with decency and sincerity and, during some of the most challenging moments of their life, are still left with a sense of dignity and self-respect.

Here at Themis Law Group, LLP, Philotimo is a way of life. We respect our clients, who are like family to us, and we focus on doing the right thing for our clients and for our community.

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I’ve been a client for over 7 years. Would definitely recommend this law group to anyone looking for a family law attorney.
Carrie Coulombe