Steve Cozzi

Family Law Associate Attorney

Steve grew up in the Washington D.C. metro area. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University for his undergraduate education. At VCU, Steve achieved a degree in Theater with an emphasis in Acting. Soundly bitten by the theater bug, Steve had no choice but to pursue his dream in New York City. As it turns out, it’s quite to difficult to become a successful actor in New York City, especially when one lacks any talent in acting, singing, or dancing. Luckily, Steve had an innate ability to deal with difficult people and iron shirts so the wardrobe department beckoned. Soon he was working backstage on numerous Broadway and Off Broadway productions.

After several reasonably enjoyable years working as a wardrobe technician, Steve decided it was time for a breath of fresh air and a change of pace. Raised in a family that firmly believed that giving back was essential at levels and there is no greater purpose than to be of service to others, he began to search out a career that could fuel his passion for service. After extensive research and investigation, Steve settled on the law for two reasons: the power to help people in need and the administration of justice.

Having lived in northern states most of his life, Steve decided that law school somewhere sunny and warm would be ideal. He settled on Florida and the Tampa Bay area because of his many relatives who live in the area and the beautiful setting by the beach. Stetson University College of Law was the perfect place both in terms of intellectual rigor and perfect weather to hone his legal skills.

At Stetson, Steve excelled at research and writing related projects and tasks. He worked as a research assistant for several professors throughout his time at Stetson. Also, as a side project, Steve was the Chief Student Ambassador for Stetson Law, a role that allowed him to be of service to the school by introducing new student candidates to the Stetson program.

Following his graduation from law school and passing the Florida Bar, Steve began working as an Associate Attorney for Themis Law Group. He works primarily in the field of family law. His passion for justice and to serve others has not dimmed. Steve thinks the family law arena is the perfect place to help people who are truly in need. Steve focuses his practice on finding equitable and reasonable solutions for clients who are typically in one of the most difficult places in their lives in terms of emotional turmoil and financial upset. Unlike many attorneys, Steve does not rush for trial choosing instead to focus his practice on creating long term, workable solutions that allow the parties to put this trouble behind them and move forward in their lives.